89 Murray St


Situated in one of the most inspired and anticipated neighborhoods, 89 Murray is a perfect luxury rental apartment in Tribeca. The sleek design by Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill mimics that of a sleek geometrical pattern that escalated to the 15 story building. The offset of the taupe façade on the smoked windows evokes a strong modern Avant-garde style for Tribeca. It’s a one of a kind building that needed a one of a kind automation system.
TEC Systems, Inc came in with the concept to utilize some of the existing equipment and upgrade the panels to better serve the primary and secondary water systems. This was not only a good way to help save cost, but to also assure the building wouldn’t have any interruptions to a fully running facility. TEC assessed the equipment and proposed a new Honeywell DDC system to better optimize the buildings output. To compliment the new panels, TEC furnished the software and developed the graphics to make all the mechanical equipment associated with the upgrades operate properly in a comprehensive, and stand alone fashion. Overall the installment was a success and helped the building run more effectively and energy efficient.


    Honeywell compatible 20K thermistor temperature sensor
    Honeywell DDC software for easily navigable BMS
    Provided technical resources for system commissioning, calibration, startup, and testing


John Arfman

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