Museum of Modern Art


After the rapid completion of an ambitious four-year, $858 million expansion project, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) reopened in New York City in 2004. Featuring over 630,000 square-feet of additional exhibition, research, and office space, MoMA’s new campus combined with world-class conservational goals created a need for unique and efficient building management systems (BMS). TEC Systems provided just the solution.

To meet MoMA’s precise preservation and thermal requirements,TEC Systems designed and installed a direct-digital-control system utilizing Honeywell’s LonMark Certified EXCEL 5000® BMS. The BMS integrates with and regulates the central HVAC plant, INNCOM air quality regulator, and other building support systems throughout the MoMA campus. Each system is synced on a SymmetrE workstation, allowing for remarkably efficient operator use.

Since this grand re-opening, TEC Systems has continued to expand the Honeywell BMS to incorporate systems enhancements that meet and exceed all of MoMA’s needs.


    Integration with INNCOM to maximize indoor air quality
    LEED Gold Certification
    One of Manhattan’s lowest-impact, environmentally efficient skyscrapers
    Honeywell XL1000 Controllers & Spyder Controllers
    SymmetrE front-end to optimize user experience and flexibility
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