The Westin Hotel


With over 75 hotels in Midtown Manhattan alone, The Westin knows room service, concierge, and world-class dining is just the beginning of hospitality in the city. Wanting to provide superior comfort control, the Westin asked TEC for a comprehensive and flexible building management system operable by any guest at any time. To accommodate a variety of visitors, TEC developed and installed a Honeywell EXCEL-5000 system with controls in all 774 rooms and monitors in multiple common areas; and to avoid cooling capacity shortfalls during peak summer seasons, TEC included regulators synced on the system throughout these spaces as well. Now boasting one of the most advanced comfort systems in the city, the Westin has an edge its guests — and its peers — desire.


    Fourteen direct digital control (DDC) Air Handling, and Heating and Ventilation units feed conditioned air to multiple meeting rooms, ballrooms, atriums, common areas, and a fitness center
    Honeywell EXCEL-10 controlled Variable Air Volume boxes provide optimum temperature control to these areas
    225 fire and smoke control dampers
The system is monitored from a central location, via Honeywell’s Excel Building Supervisory (XBS) graphical user interface (GUI) workstations
    The flexibility of the system will allow it to operate in multiple modes based upon either outdoor wet bulb temperature or desired condenser water set-point temperature
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