2 Broadway


Located at the very tip of Manhattan, 2 Broadway has been home to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) headquarters since 2006. Upon successfully moving in, the MTA embarked on a multi-million dollar renovation project; updating and integrating the building’s automation systems were principal among their concerns. With a multi-year lease and housing over 4,000 employees, system longevity and ease-of-use were of the utmost priority.

The MTA immediately turned to TEC systems to integrate the system base build and tenant fit-out. TEC Systems completed the project in rapid fashion, equipping 2 Broadway with Honeywell’s EXCEL-5000 building management system (BMS). This BMS supports the entire building’s main data board, and is also responsible for the agency’s disaster recovery center for rapid maintenance and reports. Ever-aware of our clients’ unique needs, TEC Systems integrated the system’s specifications and installation with the building type and planned usage, ensuring system viability for the duration of MTA’s occupancy and beyond.


    Installation of Honeywell’s EXCEL-5000® Building Management System, synchronizing all HVAC and smoke control functions, including;
    Honeywell’s Excel Building Supervisory (XBS) graphical user interface (GUI) workstations
    5000 – ton chilled water plant
    Three 200,000 cfm air fans
    Four 100,000 cfm air fans
    650 Variable Air Volume units
    400 combination fire and smoke dampers
    Increased flexibility to expand and integrate with Honeywell and/or third- party applications, decreasing costs of upgrade and maintenance.
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