590 Madison Avenue


Formerly the IBM tower, this 41-story office facility began a long-term capital plan to retrofit the building automation system in 1994. With 24 elevators, over 1,000,000 square feet, and a large public atrium on the ground level, the building demanded an automated system needing as little user-input as possible. In collaboration with Cosentini Associates, TEC Systems proposed and installed a fully integrated system engineered to the American Auto-Matrix (AAM) building-controls standard. At one point the largest AAM installation in the world, the project was further complemented with Echelon’s LonPoint modular system, and open and interoperable control device. Spread throughout the structure to manage every aspect of building functionality, the system is fully monitored and maintained by just 4 user workstations. That’s user-friendly.


    The largest American Auto-Matrix installation in the world
    Installation of 16 American Auto-Matrix Sage controllers, networked on a high speed Ethernet backbone, to handle communication and network administration
    12,000 total system points
    1200 direct digital control (DDC) variable air volume (VAV) boxes
    2400 perimeter induction boxes
    240 floor isolation dampers
    100,000 cfm built up air handlers
    12 steam to hot water converters
    3000 tons of refrigeration
    The system is monitored and controlled via 4 graphical user interface (GUI) workstations
    Installation of Echelon’s LonPoint system
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