Bronx Library Center


With over 75,000 square feet of circulation and reference collections, training facilities, and cutting-edge information technology, the New York Public Library’s new Bronx Borough Center has more than doubled the previous size and educational capacity of the previous central Bronx branch. Its architectural design is itself a learning tool, incorporating natural light and energy-efficient building materials to obtain a LEED® certification. Wanting to seamlessly incorporate a building management system true to these ideals, TEC Systems built the library a unique program standardized to the American Auto-Matrix’s smart-technology platform. With multiple indoor environmental-quality features, including a variable-air-volume carbon-dioxide-controlled ventilation system, the Bronx Borough Center makes the world a better place in more ways than one.


    75,000 square-feet of space
    LEED® Silver Certification
    American Auto-Matrix building systems; use of 11 Native BACnet® controllers
    Indoor environmental quality measures include variable-air-volume (VAV) Carbon-dioxide (CO2) controlled ventilation system
    Controls integration includes building management system access to chillers and other field equipment via the BACnet® protocol
    Connection and exporting of facility data to the NYPL’s central monitoring site through a BACnet® IP connection via the library’s Ethernet network
    Remote access, and monitoring of facility equipment enabled
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