Mike Williams

Software Engineer

For over 15 years Mike has been working as one of our most diligent and determined programmers. His knowledgeable and hands-on experience with controllers, machinery and software makes for a mastermind with a plan of action time after time. Looking at Mike’s portfolio, it ranges from mission critical installs at medical facilities to sophisticated high profile utilities at notorious hotels. Showcasing his immense ability to tackle any project is a true demonstration of his skillful dexterities through integration, commissioning and programming. Mike understands how important it is to our clients the proactive support we tend to; he makes it a priority to face obstacles head on and arrive at promising solutions that try him for only the strongest strategies. Mike strives to continue his education and knowledge with our vendors and partner’s products through Honeywell, American Automatrix and others alike. This enables him to the best possible practices for integration tactics we are faced with for new and old system developments.

What hobbies or activities do you have that influence your work here at TEC?
When in doubt throttle out – I’ve always been into cars, truck, and most recently enduros. I love learning about how motors have been changing over time, turbo diesels, and more. From changing oil, plugs, injectors and more I attempt to tackle any problems I face with my own vehicles. Understanding how to troubleshoot, test and verify changes I apply this same method between work and my hobbies, I keep calm and breakdown the problem I have in front of me, I try to embed new improvements, and learn why the problem persisted in the first place. This logical thinking has helped me over the many years with automotive, software and mechanical issues.
Platform Development
Knowledge of HVAC & Utility Integration
3rd Party Communication Protocols
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