Water Pollution Control Plants


Everyday the DEP is tasked with making sure 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater are purified to FDA regulations and safely delivered to over 8 million New Yorkers. Understanding its unique and critical needs, DEP chose TEC Systems to help manage its locations across the five boroughs.

These projects required entirely different automation systems from commercial and residential developments. To assure optimal running conditions, TEC utilized equipment from Honeywell SymmetrE™ Systems and Allen Bradley MicroLogix Controls. Major buildings like Chemical Buildings, Thickeners, Digesters, Final Settling, Primary Sludge Galleries, and the Waste Gas Burner are all regulated via the Building Management System (BMS); and DEP is able to conveniently oversee and control the running of AC units, H&V Units, Heat Exchangers, Exhaust Fans, and Gas monitoring. An additional interface for the odor control systems is also provided, everything the DEP needs to keep New York City running.


    The system is monitored from a central location, via Honeywell’s Excel Building Supervisory (XBS) graphical user interface (GUI) workstations
    Honeywell EXCEL controlled Variable Air Volume boxes provide optimum temperature control to the major buildings that help the system work properly
    Exhaust fans and Heat exchange units help to control the odors that happen to collect in some of the processing treatment facilities on the campus
    Allen Bradley controllers are put in place to effectively compensate the massive amount of fans that are needed to run constantley in the many buildings
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