Anthony Sansarran

Senior Team Supervisor

Anthony has been with TEC since 2011, including a three-month internship. He worked in the office for a year in the service department, improving its schedule and submitting it weekly to all techs and relevant office staff. He also handled simple service calls and typed up repair proposals/authorizations for all of our contracted and non-contracted clients. With his beginnings experiences in our office he has gained knowledge that can know be used across the board. Learning the ins and outs of the service department is essential and those skills are used on the field everyday. Anthony now knows the importance of scheduling and always meeting deadlines. Anthony is currently working on our New School project, and is involved in maintenance work at several other sites around Manhattan.

What do you continue to study and learn to keep your profession strong?
For the past couple of years I have been studying HTM, JAVA, and other scripting software. This helps me to understand how to better troubleshoot the front end BMS that we provide our clients. I have the ability to teach our clients how to better utilized and get better information on running conditions of the equipment installed in the facility. By doing so, they can help to save energy and running cost that seem to spike during peak seasons.
Customer Relations
Repair & Assessment
BMS Troubleshooting
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