Kevin Barnett

Director - Construction

With over 13 years of automation controls experience, and a diverse background in commissioning  components , Kevin has proven that he is our ideal fit as our director of engineering. Previously Kevin led our commissioning department for over 10 years through some of our highest portfolio projects to date — ranging from luxurious residential towers, LEED certified facilities, advanced industrial plants, and more. More over, with strong leadership skills, he knows exactly how to keep his team motivated, challenged and encouraged. Being a leader not only means knowing your teams strengths, but also being able to designate the appropriate assignments to each individual so that they may reach another level of success and self accomplishment. As our industry has it, technological advancements are constantly on the rise and its imperative to make sure we exceed and implement cutting-edge approaches into our controls. Taking this into consideration, Kevin not only invites vendors for our engineers to meet with, but also avidly attends the NY ASHRAE Chapter conferences with his team. This not only allows him to gain new information of building codes, sustainable certifications, and technology adaptations, but also leverages his knack to continuously educate his team members for better industry practices. We are confident that Kevin will support our engineering through the progressive changes, as we have seen him do already with top-level integration developments for years to come.


What do we do differently at TEC then other companies?
Time. People sometimes forget that for quality time plays a vital role. By this I mean, TEC takes their time with each project and that may not sound different from others but the process behind this is what really matters. I assure that each member of my team reviews, analyses, and test each system aspect several times before we okay the continuation of a project. In doing so, we minimize the probability of error and are positive that the job will reach its deadline.
Project Team Collaboration
Custom Sustainable Designs
Sophisticated Sequence Development
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