Tweed Courthouse


Begun in 1861 and not completed for twenty years, the Tweed Courthouse occupies a unique place in New York city’s history. An ambitious, $85 million restoration project begun in 1999 aimed to prepare the courthouse for the new century while altering neither the building’s interior or exterior. Contracted to update the exceedingly antiquated heating and cooling systems, TEC installed a Honeywell EXCEL 5000 product line inside the building’s original ventilation shafts. Featuring 12 air-handling units, carbon-monoxide monitoring, and more, the system brings this landmark 21st-century longevity while simultaneously preserving its 19th-century tradition.


  • Installation of Honeywell’s Excel 5000® Building Management System
  • Installation of Honeywell’s Excel Building Supervisor (XBS) graphical user interface (GUI) workstations
  • 12 Air Handling Units
  • Variable Air Volume Terminal Units
  • LonWorks based Exel-10 controllers
  • Hot Water System
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Better efficiency-optimal operations with lower operating costs
  • Better HVAC monitoring and control
  • Better flexibility to expand and integrate with Honeywell and third-party applications
  • Better value over the building life



New York, NY

Project completed in



Who Worked on it


Owner and Developer:
New Yrok City Economic Development Corporation
Construction Manager:
Bovis Lend Lease LMB Inc.
MEP Engineer:
Ove Arup & Partners