With over 1,500 employees and close to 4 million data circuits, the Verizon Building is a constant hub of organizational activity. Because employee productivity directly correlates to their comfort, and data processing power lies in environmental quality, the building has an inherent need for state-of-the-art automation systems. Even multi-use rooms, offices, and storage facilities for various equipment couldn’t stop TEC from integrating a cutting edge system throughout the building. Standardized to a LonWorks-based open-system protocol from Echelon Corporation and featuring temperature sensors, variable frequency controllers, and WonderWare programming, the end result is a scalable system optimized to expand as Verizon does.


    Installation of LonWorks® Network Services (LNS) database, and a standard graphical user interface (GUI) to display all sensor data on the Server PC using customized WonderWare™ programming
    Notable features of the GUI includes simple point-and-click navigation, and graphs of all sensor data in real-time and historical time charts
    Additional network infrastructure components includes a high speed Ethernet backbone, Magnetek networkable variable frequency controllers, Neurologic networkable temperature and humidity sensors, and Echelon’s LonMaker® for Windows configuration tool
    End result is scalable system optimized for future expansions
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