Walden Galleria Mall


With 1.6 million square feet of retail space and over 18 million visitors a year, the Walden Galleria is the largest and busiest mall in western New York. Each tenant — including JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, and Best Buy — relies heavily on the mall’s building automation system to attract and retain customers. TEC systems, contracted to integrate and synchronize the control of essential building services to ensure their smooth operation, installed a LonWorks-based open and interoperable network throughout the facility — the largest LonWorks installation in the United States. Syncing environmental monitoring, security and access systems, and fire safety safeguards on multiple LonPoint field controllers, the system also includes a remote diagnostic and repair component — maximizing patron attention and comfort.


    Largest mall in western New York
    1.2 million total square-feet
    200 upscale stores, restaurants, specialty boutiques, food court and 12-screen movie house
    Over 18 million visitors annually
    Largest LonWorks® installation in the United States of America
    3000 points system
    290 HVAC Units
    300 Lighting Circuits
    1500 node LonWorks® Network
    Echelon’s LonPoint field controllers monitoring via the BMS
    Specific benefits include: 
Improved comfort through better environmental control; and reduced unscheduled service calls with remote diagnostic and repair
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