David Adams

Commissioning Technician

From robotics to electrical engineering, David brings forth a a level of learning and experience that helps keep our company ahead of the curve. Receiving his degree in computer and electrical engineering and previously working on campus to provide lab service and system troubleshooting, David has learned the means necessary to maintain a stable but flexible network. Joining our commissioning team and jumping into various projects, projected his solid understanding of the different tears of testing, verification and calibrating field devices to assure proper working and safety implementations. Our clients know that the degree of efforts he is able to tailer to this growing industry, and specific to their facilities is satisfying. From concept to completion his involvement caters to each projects special needs to optimize their BMS to its highest potential.

What do you enjoy most about working with TEC?
From the hands-on fabrication and construction of panels, to the onsite commissioning and follow-up testing, I appreciate seeing my efforts from start to completion. Implementing my ability to create valuable changes that can help a client maintain a more energy efficient building is always one of our many priorities. To ensure this capability I work on calibrating devices, implementing them through the BMS and moreover assuring they work in an immediate fashion. I’m always eager to see our final work utilized day-to-day by our clients and how it’s helping them not only stay comfortable and safe, but also creating better workflow through the engineers who rely on it.
BMS Diagnostics
Hardware & Software Troubleshooting
Client Relations