Bronx Lebanon’s Continual Expansion Moves Onto The CT Scan Room

August 24, 2016

Comfort and security are the top two priorities when it comes to healthcare and assuring patients wellbeing. Since 1988, TEC has been working with The Bronx Lebanon to provide an experience like no other. The evolving process of BMS controls and integration has enabled itself over the course of 28 years to support the progressive upgrades the hospital carries out. To extend this model, TEC integrated critical controls and monitoring capabilities for the upgraded CT Scanning Wing. Utilizing American Automatrix controllers and Honeywell VAV control devices, proper exhaust, supply air and relative humidity could be easily exceeded, all the while maintaining efficient energy usage.

Temperature and humidity are an essential condition needed for monitoring to assure the CT scanners internal x-ray components are braced against overheating, moisture damage and other overlooked climate settings. TEC’s project team not only signified the hospital’s BMS for patient comfort, but also factored in the necessary operational guidelines for the machines durability and operational running conditions. The nature of the x-ray equipment lends itself to a lot of factors that can cause noise, errors or artifacts that disrupt or call for rescans. By addressing environmental factors, and providing additional routine service calls, we can help protect the equipment and provide the hospital with results that produce cross-sectional images that can be used to help with early detection, progress and safer radiation practices.

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