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An Inside Look At Columbia’s Electrical Monitoring

August 24, 2016

Columbia Manhattanville University is one example of TEC’s state of the art energy management systems utilizing the latest technologies available from such vendors as Rockwell Automation and Schweitzer Engineering. Complex sequence of operations are integrated seamlessly into graphical displays on workstations and touchscreen operator interface terminals located throughout the facility. Our two senior graphic designers Kelly Torrance and Jesse Schoen have been leading the project with Columbia’s staff in mind. Our designers frequently review their work with our end users to help implement usability, navigable floor plans, and screens to assist them better to allocate their management and maintenance work over the BMS system.

Kelly Torrance has been designing a custom user interface for electrical system monitoring that incorporates smart distribution technology from the ConEd supply through to the customer’s own back-up generator plant. Kelly has rendered the different sub-systems for the operators in such a way that making decisions and reviewing system status is easily understood for complicated electrical routing. Intelligent electrical monitoring devices have been implemented in the field that are utilized to clearly understand the various power systems feeding the electrical supply throughout the facility. The real time data acquisition capabilities of the system allows for detailed system analysis of energy consumption and system health. The data gathered can greatly assist our customers in identifying precise short and long term costs and overall efficiency of their power usage.
One sophisticated aspect of Manhattanville is the installation and choice of their cooling towers; it repurposes rainwater that is gauged externally as well as monitored through the graphical workstation. TEC’s team made it easy to see the different levels needed to run the machine effectively, all the while being able to trend multiple data points proficiently so the staff can study and make smarter assessments with the provided data.

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