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TEC Attends Honeywell’s HUG Conference 2016

August 24, 2016

With the industry constantly changing, it’s up to BMS contractors and firms alike to stay afloat their field, and seek out the best possible practices to carryout. This year TEC attended Honeywell’s (HUG) Honeywell User Group Conference where the latest EBI platform was released. The series focuses on the core of optimizing building performances and underlying the new features for full automation controls. Many different members from our teams attended the conference where they were able to share their experience with current Honeywell products, as well as relay methods they find to be extremely successful in specific applications. The in-depth information sharing and discussions were useful alongside the new demos of how to implement such advance solutions to upcoming and existing upgrades for many of our clients.

Additionally, our latest upgrade at the Hearst Tower in NYC has been a demonstration to our level of services and reliability we have been providing for over ten years. Honeywell has recognized TEC as and ACI Elite partner since 2008, and has confidently chosen us as the first contractor to rollout the latest EBI platform. The enterprise level of scalable architecture is one that drives real performance through the towers operations, as well as manages the necessary trends and data for optimizing enhancements through cost and energy savings. Hearst’s chief engineer was also invited to HUG to see first hand how the new platform would undoubtedly improve the already sophisticated BMS install.

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