TEC’s Engineering Team Visits Endress & Hauser

August 23, 2016

The goal of any project is to provide unprecedented controls and engineering. TEC had a strategy an design plan in mind but was ultimately looking to achieve the most reliable and promising equipment for the Manhattanville expansion at Columbia University. The project team headed to Pennsylvania where Endress & Hauser Headquarter is located, to get a better understanding about the field devices they were going to be utilizing They had the chance to learn how to implement the different sensors while comparing the wide range of meters to see which would best fit the applications needed to undertake the state-of-the-art technology under high pressure and load conditions. Our engineers found it extremely beneficial to watch how they apply the best practices, and their ability to easily calibrate the meters remotely, which will save time in the field. The accuracy of the sensors is a crucial element of this project so we can assure our clients excellent running conditions and safe operations 24/7.

Proline Promag 50PThe electricmagnetic flowmeter is a seamless application that helps fulfill the requirements needed to operate through the piping in Columbia. This advanced meter is effortlessly integrated through our BMS providing the most accurate and real-time readings. One main benefit of this meter is the consistent pressure it is able to maintain making it highly sufficient in helping to cut energy savings.

Proline Prosonic Flow 93PThe clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter was a smart choice for this application because of its capacity to provide a wide range of digital and analogue outlets. It offers highly accurate real-time readings for maximum measuring performance. The functionality and diagnostic proficiency is achieved through the flexible data transfer options. This sensor was simply integrated through our BMS with a highly developed sequence of operations for its controlling environments.


To see more Endress & Hauser Products, please visit their site here

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