NYU (Polytech) University


A premier educational institution in the heart of Brooklyn’s growing downtown district, Polytech University embodies the diversity and constant flow of its borough. As testament to its commitment to attract and retain the highest quality student, Polytech asked TEC Systems to design and synchronize the management system for its new student dormitory and athletic facility. Through an integrated network of building controls run on the Honeywell building automation platform, TEC was able to ensure both the operational efficiency of the system and the comfort of students and athletes alike. Smart features, such as occupancy sensors regulating room temperature and humidity control, and a streamlined trending and troubleshooting interface, give PolyTech a staff-and-eco-friendly system to last well into the new century. A top-of-the-line institution deserves state-of-the-art technology, and TEC Systems provided.


    Ensured physical comfort environments of dormitory and support buildings for increased student recruitment and retention
    Consolidated new equipment into one building controls system for enhanced monitoring and control
    Installed Honeywell building management system (BMS) to provide controls and remote monitoring
    Streamlined trending and troubleshooting through SymmetrE™ graphical user interface (GUI), giving staff more time to invest in preventive maintenance
    Continued operating costs through a variety of energy conservation measures, including occupancy sensors that regulate room temperature and humidity control
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