AJ Santos

Project Manager

Since 2008 AJ has been working the automation industry getting his hands-on experience with repairs and installation of HVAC equipment; pumps, motors, air handling units and cooling towers. This led AJ to more advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting through quality assurance and commissioning where he took on designing, fabrication, installation and troubleshooting of custom BMS panels for various pumps and compressed air applications. Additionally AJ’s experience with electrical and pneumatic controls brings him a level of understanding and troubleshooting that we utilize through the different phases of construction. To further his understanding and keep up with industry trend, AJ has been an avid member of ASHRAE where he regularly attends conference and meetings of the NY chapter. His determination to constantly learn about the automation field and best practices is a key factor we look for in our project managers. We are pleased that AJ joined our growing project management team here at TEC, we are confident his prior knowledge and continuing studies will pave the way for his portfolio of developments.

What do you enjoy most about this industry?
Through automation there are a lot of features to take advantage of that utilize different hands-on skills. While I was receiving my degree in mechanical engineering I had the opportunity to design, fabricate and race an offroad vehicle to overcome rough terrain. It was a great opportunity to put forth innovative thinking, design implementations, skillful operation and more. I handle all my work with a dynamic thinking approach so that I can better visualize what is needed to carryout the best possible practices for my job sites.
Project Scheduling
Client Relations
Time Management

Project Management

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