Eric Lopez

Service Technician

After proudly serving in the United States Military in the Weaponry Department, Eric decided to use his expertise in Computer Science and field training to become a part of TEC Systems service team. With his extensive knowledge in the most complex machinery and troubleshooting techniques, Eric handles and organizes our high-profile projects with ease. Our clients know they can count on him to work diligently on issues that may arise, BMS workstation diagnostics and seasonal calibrations to the necessary equipment we integrate with for full control. His past military training has allowed him to recognize the importance of deadlines and hard work which are one of the many qualities we require of our employees. Eric sets an example of the type of work and quality we assure to our clients. There is no doubt that Eric is a valuable asset to TEC and we have complete faith in the quality of his work and help he is able to provide our clients across the board to their growing facilities.

How do you help your clients needs?
The communication we have here in the service department as well as the communication with the technicians in the field helps us to expedite service and response quickly and effectively. I am able to address my clients’ needs and schedule their maintenance with the appropriate technician for the job. Also, I help to keep detailed logs and repair information well organized and up-to-date for our clients’ convenience when we are on site for PM or emergency visits.
Onsite Client Services
BMS Diagnostics
Technical Training


Team Member Since


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