Ken Hill

Senior Project Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the Building Automation and Control Systems industry, Ken joined our growing team as one of our Senior Project Managers to continue his passion for this market. Most recently, for the past 16 years, Ken was in the role of  Project Manager & Supervisor at EnviroNet Systems overseeing BMS installations.  Prior to that Ken was a Senior Controls Technician at T.M Bier and Associates where myself and others here at TEC had the privilege of working alongside him.  Here at TEC, he will be working with our team on the MSKCC project. We are pleased to have his level of passion and commitment to this industry, as we look to grow our portfolio.

What do you continue to learn in this industry?
With technology advancements always on the rise, it's essential we maintain our level of understanding and execution in the field. Having been around controls for many years and seeing the changes from pneumatics to electrical systems, it's always been apparent that the changes in the field and mechanical equipment we integrate to really dictates the changes we see through the panel creations. From the engineering, building, testing and servicing of the systems its imperative that we hold tight to our tolerances of success with the highest level of knowledge.
BMS Diagnostics
Project Scheduling
Client Relations

Project Management

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