Paul Rivera

Service Technician

Since 2003, Paul has been working with our warehouse and delivery team making sure our logistic, and procurement accountabilities are always met. His close relationships with our project management team and purchasing department is a guaranteed approach to our on time arrivals of materials, panels, and other equipment our employees require onsite for production. Seeing how Paul is constantly looking to further his knowledge and skill set, he has taken it upon himself to learn about our service team and become a technician. Paul’s familiarity with the product lines we carry are also a great resource when it comes to assembling actuators, valves and other pieces of equipment. His ability to quickly learn about products, applications and how we integrate them on a jobsite will allow him the capability to service and provide superior service to the many sites we cater to in NYC.

What do you like most about working here at TEC?
TEC Systems treats their employees with the utmost of respect and constantly provides them the tools to further their knowledge and career. Working with a fortune company with extremely motivational employees makes it easy and enjoyable to learn new dynamic and resources to further our specific industry. I am eager to see what kind of resources and help I can carry through to the different projects we cater to.
Project Logistics
Warehouse Inventory
Vendor Communications & Relations


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