The New School Embraces Sustainable Studies

November 07, 2016

Living in New York, we have access to safe and clean drinking water thats purely plentiful. To maintain that supply as a whole, we have a social responsibility to the environment we live and depend on. Through sustainable change, the impacts on our water supply are drastically increased for safer standards. The New School in Manhattan carries out several science focused labs that address the water quality around NYC. TEC supplied the prep labs with adequate controls that cater to the fume hood cabinets. They are electronically controlled by VAV terminal boxes that are connected with direct digital control units. The operation of the fume hood will determine the setpoints needed for the students to carry out the testing they need to do in the most adequate environment. Additionally, supply air is provided based on the classrooms current conditions, so that constant air flow is being properly served for proper ventilation and temperature. The classes collect samples derived from the Gowanus Bay, and the students learn through different experiments how water can become easily contaminated. From there they are taught how to identify and quantify the contaminates in water colonies. The process of purification is one thats enlightening and motivating. With controlled environments and chemical testing, students learn exactly whats needed to deliver a safe water supply to a community. TEC is glad to provide the students with a safe lab conditions so that they can obtain definite and proper measurements from their hands-on tests. This is just one example of how The New School is taking strides for a cleaner, greener nation.

TEC is a proud supporter of – Please visit their site today to learn how you can contribute to a purer, safer water supply for those who need it the most.

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