In Progress

Testing for MSKCC Underway

November 11, 2016

TEC’s commissioning team has been putting forth diligent efforts in getting over 600 panels for the Memorial Sloan Kettering David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care on the Upper East Side ready for installation. While the the cancer center is set to open its doors in 2019, TEC has been working for the past year in preparation to signify the testing capabilities for assured functionality and running operations. When surgery and post-op care are taken into consideration the margin for error or system failure is unacceptable. Critical systems with fail safety setpoints, alarms and inplace control loops is crucial to a successful and secure BMS platform. The multiple air handling units that will serve up the different floors assure that proper air flow, ventilation and conditioning are constantly provided to protect patients that depend on safe air supply. These systems in-place assist in shielding patients from the risk of infection or other airborne pathogens that could effect or compromise their immune system. Additionally, proper air volume, temperature, pressure and humidity play a major role in making sure that the hospitals environment is established in each and every room. Our project teams takes into consideration that the machines and equipment used to treat patients allocate for there own exhaust, temperature, and required pressure for the most accurate and safe running conditions.

For over 20 years, TEC has been a trusted controls installer recognized by American Auto-Matrix. We have utilized their products on a multitude of different developments, and have always had excellent success with the outcome. For Memorial Sloan Kettering, we have utilized AAM’s BACnet advanced application controllers to bring forth a more expansive and scalable  platform to incorporate all the necessary capabilities. The calibration and accuracy that can be constructed through the controllers ties together the scheduling, alarms and sequences to help develop a dynamic and responsive system. Our commissioning team is working to make sure each and every control panel is accounted for and can work in an integrated network or function as a stand alone controller to constantly supply the needed power in any required running condition.


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