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February 10, 2017

For the past several years TEC has been following the ASHRAE Winter Conference & AHR Expo where they showcase the latest devices, practices and cover new challenges our industry faces through HVAC, lighting,  fire and life safety. it’s a great opportunity to not only learn about the new equipment, hardware, and platforms but also communicate with others in the industry about how they are utilizing these leverages for the best possible outcomes. The conference engages several distinguished keynote speakers where they assimilate the means necessary to cultivate energy savings, powerful running facilities, and overall maintain better workflow.


From our engineers, project managers, service and commissioning technicians, our team members find extreme value in attending ASHREA’s conferences throughout the year, to learn how to create a better vision for the industries infrastructure.

• Enhancing our productivity begins with connecting our team members to the latest innovations that grow our engineering processes to deliver stronger functionalities into our BMS, lighting, and fire safety implementations.

• Developing core components through design options leverages us to provide our clients with a numerous way of executing their facilities required BMS needs. We arrive at sustained custom solutions when we are given the array of tools to perfectly engineer a bulletproof system.

• Elements that correlate with energy sustainably or LEED certifications directly depend upon what systems devices and running expectations our clients look to amplify.

• Life safety and security features are now unified on single platforms at a much greater rate then they are now. Many vendors and speakers at this years show were able to discuss new fundamentals and considerations for many of us to draw from.


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