15 Central Park West


On the corner of 61st and Central Park West stands one of New York’s most prestigious residential high-rise condominiums, 15 Central Park West. Designed by world-renowned architect Robert AM Stern, and developed by Zeckendorf real estate, the building is nothing short of astonishing. Its simple design evokes both an art-deco and postmodern style.

With spas, indoor pools, cinema rooms, and more, the building demanded an effective building management system (BMS). Within the building, TEC Systems installed a fully integrated Honeywell system. Improved trending and alarm management helps the building run efficiently, while also watching energy consumption. With an advanced comfort system installed by TEC, the building runs almost identically to its aesthetic design, simple yet effective. User-friendly frontend controls allow for operations to be energy-conscious, saving energy, and money.


    Maximized efficiency of mechanical equipment and ensured optimal control of comfort levels
    TEC Systems has had the distinct responsibility for monitoring and controlling the condominiums many levels of HVAC utilities
    Easily remote login helps to address any issues promptly to assure now downtime of any major equipment
    The user interface has been tied in from the Honeywell SymmetrE system to help the in-house engineer easily change anything from heating, cooling, exhaust fans, and more