250 Vesey


Occupying the heart of the World Trade Center, Brookfield Place is a collection of highly prestigious commercial developments. With comfort and security being the main objectives, Brookfield asked TEC Systems, Inc to update and integrate the building’s already existing automation systems. Equipped with three chillers, several pumps and cooling towers assisting in water treatment and distribution, TEC went a step further and updated the workstation, allowing this critical area to send data trends back to the Building Management System (BMS) to progressively adapt to users’ liking. Paying special attention to the building’s need for security and safety, TEC complemented the project with Honeywell’s Symmetre program, allowing improved alarm management and remote access, giving Brookfield a state-of-the-art facility, and most importantly, peace of mind.


EBI front end workstation, 30 XLWeb, 10 XLWeb2, 200 Stryker


  • A full retrofit from an old BMS system upgraded to top of the line Honeywell controllers and SymmetrE system
  • Seamlessly integrate all the machinery and new chillers to work with the new user interface
  • Easy control of the many pumps that service the through the 30+ floors to the many commercial office spaces
  • Effectively monitor the facilities plant that strictly watches the chillers and coolings towers progress throughout the days usage.
  • Coil units on all floors, are monitored to assure the air pressure, temperature, and humidity are running to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.


Owner and Developer:
Brookfield Properties
David Childs (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill)
Construction Manager:
Olympia & York Battery Park Co.
MEP Engineer:
WSP Cantor Seinuk