Federal Aviation Administration


When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) opened a new eastern region headquarters in Queens, New York, their building demanded an efficient management system synced with the human and informational flow necessary for operating a trans-national aviation service. TEC Systems guided the FAA from step one to take-off, designing and installing a LonWorks® building automation platform uniquely integrated to the FAA’s needs. With over 684 network connections and WonderWare In-Touch software, the system seamlessly manages a constant data-stream, allowing the FAA and its employees to safely and securely manage your travel.


  • BMS network components include:
  • LonWorks® TP/XF-1250 high-speed twisted pair backbone utilizing Echelon’s LonPoint® routers
  • 9 Echelon twisted pair LPR-12 routers
  • 1 Echelon twisted pair LPR-12 routers
  • 1 Echelon PSG/2 (Programmable Serial Getaway) providing communication translation to/from the McQuay package AC unites via McQuay’s Open Protocol Master
  • The network is wired with 684 connections that retrieves almost 1600 points of data, plus 318 I/O points
  • 2 Pentium PC workstations, networked to each other via the building’s Ethernet connection, provides operator access to the system
  • WonderWare In-Touch software running on LNS™ DDE server provides the Human Machine Interface (HMI)



Queens, NY

Project completed in



Who Worked on it


Owner and Developer:
Edward J. Minskoff Equities