Bennet Komatsu

Commissioning Technician

With technology always evolving we find ourselves looking to utilize only the best practices to provide our clients with bulletproof systems. Bennet has been working here at TEC Systems as one of our many commissioning technicians overseeing the install process with specific detail to VAV’s. His ability to work with these systems before we hand them over to our client is guaranteed a flawless setup. His attention to detail has helped us solve problems in the field and create new ways of running our systems more successfully. Bennet is also extremely familiar with the many products we use day in and day out, making him a crucial key member in our testing phases.


How do our services benefit our clients?
We provide cultivated relationships with our clients well before and well after we provide them with our controls. Our clients trust us as specialist and the most knowledgeable in this industry. We are able to steer them in right direction for saving energy and money.
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