Kazi Raihan

Service & IT Technician

Graduating from New York Institute of Technology with a B.S. in electrical and computer engineering, Kazi has learned how to be extremely proficient in troubleshooting circuits, and following diagrams critically which help him quickly understand the differences in control panels, and systems in the field. Because of his ability to quickly learn new tasks, NYIT had given him the opportunity to work as a research assistant where he was able to excel his programming, and computer hardware fundamental. Kazi is currently training here to learn how to work in the field performing preventative maintenance to help our clients address any problems that may come up with their BMS systems. He understands how our service benefits our clients by ensuring the comfort for the tenants, and the environment for the businesses to thrive in.



What do you enjoy most about working with TEC?
TEC offers a great environment to work in. Regardless of if you work in the office or field, we understand how crucial is it to coordinate and work together to address the needs of our own employees and so everyone does their best to help each other out. Working in the field, I enjoy being able to directly interact with our systems and troubleshoot any challenging issues that come up. That and assuring that our clients are satisfied with our work make the job rewarding as well.
BMS Diagnostics
Workstation Troubleshooting
Successful Integration Practices


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