Rodmear Pinnock

Commissioning Technician

With over five years of military aviation technical experience, Rodmear comes to TEC Systems, Inc with his comprehensive expertise that ranges from an electrical to tactical background. His strong innovative and organizational skills combined with his ability to work well under pressure allows him to play a crucial role to our fast paced commissioning department. While in the Army, Rodmear learned how to work on multiple systems including electrical, mechanical and pnedraulic systems associated with fire control systems. This background enabled him to understand how these types of systems work in conjunction with each other along side being interfaced within control panels. Rodmear also carries out our point-to-point verification and electrical wiring checkpoint to assure all points through the VAV, and FPB’s are accounted for. This helps our turnover for clients to assure that all pieces of equipment are working to their fullest potential. Rodmear diligently provides excellent operational and preventive checkpoints to drive successful results to our many projects we carry out in NYC.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Having the ability to assist clients and my project team to assure the highest level of production is a reassurance to the demonstration of my capabilities. I work diligently to understand the different products and their protocols to efficiently integrate them into the BMS systems. By understanding the various methods of producing results and I can bring forth a new level to the systems potentials.
BMS Diagnostics
Repairs & Upgrades
HVAC & Mechanical Knowledge


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