Pablo Cartagena

Service IT Technician

While advancing his studies in computer science, Pablo is currently working here at TEC as one of our service technicians. His prior background in IT technical support, and LAN administration helps to bring the hands-on and knowledge base we look to supply our client’s facilities with. Pablo works diligently with our clients to allocate routine maintenance through the many different pieces of equipment and BMS panels. Pablo continues to study the different products we utilize from the range of different vendors we utilize on different projects. He learns how to troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate them to work more effectively in environment specific settings during season changes, occupancy differences, and more to help our clients achieve the most out of their BMS. In addition, Pablo enjoys writing code, and assisting in website development as one of his hobbies. He finds this gives him an upper hand when it comes to remote access and troubleshooting BMS errors and diagnostic problems. Pablo is able to not only work hardwire problems, but also his ability to work difficulties out through our workstations makes him a real value to our service team.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Helping our clients with any troubleshooting and maintenance upgrades helps us build our growing reputation for superior service. I pride myself on my work, and strong relations I am able to maintain through our service contracts. Its enjoyable to know that our growing skills and knowledge can not only help clients get back online, but also assist them in butter running conditions that are more cost and energy effective.
Software & Hardware Repairs
BMS Diagnostics
Platform Upgrades


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