Danielle Rodriguez

Service Sales Manager

With over ten years in the control industry Danielle came to TEC to help drive our service departments sales force. Her background also encompasses purchasing, coordinating and financial analytics, which help her to determine package deals we look to offer. Danielle’s ability to help clients choose a service plan that is right for them, and help renew existing contracts will help TEC assure the finest possible coverage at the very best level. Danielle’s capability of involving herself in so many aspects of the business enables her to sell new work and build strong customer relations. By doing so, she is creating and fostering relationships with clients for many years to come.

What do you find unique in this line of work?
Having the ability and potential to be in many different locations every day of the week makes my job unique and intriguing. One day I can be in the financial district working with banks, the next I can be in Brooklyn at a hospital. Overall our bottom line is to provide our client with the best possible goal and solution.
Client Relations
Competitive Sales Approach
Onsite Proposals