John Collier

Service Technician

When it comes to overseeing a clients facility through and through, John assures that every systems aspect is carefully gone through and tested to make sure its running at its most adequate state. Additionally, John works with our clients during peak seasons to make sure that the critical HVAC systems are setup properly so they can run more efficiently to save additional energy where needed. We know that John’s ability to maintain a smooth cooperation of production, customer service and IT diagnostics goes far beyond his capabilities while he continuously keeps close communication with our clients. This kind of workflow not only helps keep our clients BMS systems in-sync, but also allows engineers to work more diligently with management with data tracking, logs and other feedback that can help craft innovative ways of creating a more sustainable facility.

How do our services benefit our clients?
Because of the fast paced environment our industry lies in, we must constantly keep our level of service and knowledge at a far more superior rate. I constantly strive to maintain my understanding so I can provide a level of service and system that is safe, secure, and constantly expanding on a facilities network infrastructure. Additionally, I enjoy working with my coworkers to help them learn new ways of implementing our skills and knowledge in the field for better practice and integration applications.
Strong Client Relations
HVAC & Mechanical Knowledge
BMS Diagnostics