Israel Geliebter

Control System Engineer

When it comes to maximizing longevity and creating more sustainable environments, Israel brings forth a level of engineering capabilities through a dynamic and strategic process. Having recently graduated from NYU where he received his bachelors of science in electrical engineering, Israel took on a senior project where he designed a battery backup for the 24VAC controls of a boiler. He also arranged for the conversion of a boiler from oil to gas in an apartment building. He is currently working on making a datalogger, using an arduino, to record the on and off times of the air conditioner in his house with the goal of making it run more efficiently. We are confident that Israel will generate highly efficient and strong BMS controls through his creative and resourceful designs. Our clients can trust that his diligent plans and execution can be carried out for the long term goals of their development.

What do you enjoy most about this industry?
The array of problem solving and solutions that gather during projects manifest themselves to learning techniques and ideas that make our industry so prevalent. Ever since I started learning and working in the engineering and controls field, I always find myself looking to create innovative and energy conscious plans when I am creating a new feature or operation in my projects. Bringing forth a sincere effort that benefits our clients to reap the full benefits out of their facilities HVAC, lighting and other control functionality is always my end goal.
Energy Sustainable Applications
Client Training
AutoCad Drafting


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