Greg Hanson

Commissioning Technician

Greg joined TEC Systems in 2016 in the hopes of utilizing his skills and background in engineering to help innovate the HVAC technologies that are so integral to our daily lives. His background in designing mechanical systems for varied applications, including robotics, allows him to fully grasp the ins-and-outs of the multifaceted and customized approach we take towards each of our BMS systems. Greg graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with numerous awards and recognition. With his dynamic understanding of engineering and physics, he balances his ability to grasp a facility’s needs with client expectations to arrive at a customized solution for each individual client. Greg’s past experience teaching the history and science of spaceflight taught him how to work collaboratively with a team, a trait we look to continually reinforce here at TEC. Our clients will be pleased to know that Greg showcases his constant proactivity through onsite walk-throughs as well lasting social responsibility.



What do you find unique in this line of work?
Having gained exposure to multiple different areas of study while in school and early career choices, I found myself constantly looking to learn more- particularly when it came to knowledge of physics and engineering. In these ever-growing and changing fields, I was interested in seeing how a company is able to balance innovative technology with customer service and positive internal practices. TEC has been able to balance these different factors in a very impressive way, keeping up with new technological advances and implementing strong strategies to an array of BMS systems. The longevity of the company and its dynamic atmosphere consistently excite me, and I look forward to seeing how my skills will continue evolving to help the company innovate further.
Advanced Mathematical Knowledge
Significant Organization Skills
Knowledge of Engineering Practices


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