Lhakpa Dhondup

Service Technician

When it comes energy efficiency and sustainable solutions, Lhakpa works diligently to assist our clients with greener solutions for a smaller footprint. From calibrating the BMS to adapt to seasonal changes, or working with data analytics to find common threads for better set point modifications, Lhakpa runs forward with the latest in green energy trends that directly infiltrate our industry. Our client trust him to carryout the preventative maintenance, diagnostics and upgrades, but they really enjoy that he takes his craft of work to a new level when he is able to really spend the time in the facility to make changes that call for better comfort, air quality, and upgrade choices.

What do you continue to Study in this industry?
Because our industry is always changing and growing at such a high rate, its important to me to stay up to date with the latest integration trends, and energy solutions that follow. The vendors we work with are also always looking for new ways of how to implements the suit of products they have out to create better running functions as well as energy cost solutions. Since we have the ability to understand their layouts, we can work our own solutions to even further these actions and sequences.
BMS Diagnostics
Software troubleshooting
Sustainable Design