Air Train Terminal JFK Station


With its opening in 2003, the AirTrain to John F. Kennedy International Airport became a milestone addition to an already world-class transportation system. When planning for the Jamaica station terminal began in 1998, administrators from the Port Authority, MTA, and LIRR outlined a desire for electronic management systems offering unmatched commuter comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. With this in mind, TEC designed and installed a BMS using Honeywell EXCEL 5000 architecture. This integrated network provides intelligent fire alarm and smoke detection, self-regulating heating/ventilation, and an automated air-conditioning system throughout transit offices, commuter corridors, and public spaces. By linking this HVAC equipment within facility mechanical and electrical rooms, the system is energy -and-space efficient — keeping New York (and JFK) moving.


    Implementation of Honeywell’s EXCEL®5000 Building Management Architecture
    The integrated network of building management controls includes an “intelligent” fire alarm and smoke detection system, and a self-regulating heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system
    Primary system components includes: 60 Constant Air Volume boxes, 8 Variable Air Volume boxes, 500 Fire/Smoke dampers, 108 End Switches (Louver Dampers)
    Air Handling Units
    System access is permitted via four SymmetrE™ based graphical user interface (GUI) workstations