Trump SoHo


Unveiled as the first high-rise in Lower Manhattan, the Trump Organization’s 47-story glass-wrapped luxury hotel has helped inspire the neighborhood’s new zoning regulations for industrial and commercial properties. With the Trump reputation at hand, this extravagant building called for an automation system second to none.

With lavish amenities including spas, health clubs, and pool decks, dependable technology is a must. Equipped with the product line of XL-1000’s from long-term partner Honeywell, the system is further complemented with a user-friendly UXI System that helps ensure sustained comfort levels throughout the hotel.

Looking to provide a superior monitoring system for running water and heat exchangers, TEC installed a state-of-the-art Building Management System (BMS), helping to maintain over 350 rooms with heating, lighting, cooling and water systems. With a comprehensive and easy to use system, the Trump and its guests can enjoy peak comfort even in peak seasons.


    Optimized heating and cooling conditions from the use of Honeywell 5000 Controllers in conjunction with facilities equipment.
    Closely monitored water usage through a metering process that is implemented through the PC workstation.
    Third party interface to view the status of the cooling towers performance, as well as the condenser and secondary water system.
    Heat exchange unit operated by a primary closed loop system that helps control cost.