Rockefeller University


Facility management systems support the dissemination and maintenance of system-critical information. In controls engineering terms, facility management systems separate the concerns of content, controller logic, and visual styling. At New York City’s Rockefeller University, current systems standardized to the innovative and technologically advanced American Auto-Matrix controls platform largely maintain this separation of concerns after system deployment. Designed and installed by TEC Systems throughout 19 buildings, the controls network exploit commutatively to enable uninterrupted evaluation of facility operations during occupied and unoccupied periods, campus-wide.


    A myriad of projects covering several years assisting with multiple iterations of controls infrastructure deployment campus-wide (19 buildings and other physical resources)
    Upgraded and consolidated existing equipment into a single integrated building controls network
    Improved the consistency of indoor comfort levels, reducing energy usage
    Minimized the amount of time operations staff spends on servicing building equipment, freeing them to handle other important tasks
    Increased system flexibility and scalability
    Complemented the University’s aggressive campus improvement strategies, maintaining its world-class research reputation and flexibility