Catherine Hagan


No matter how technologically demanding or complex, Catherine has brings an immense understanding and creative knowledge to TEC’s operations in our engineering department. With a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Berkeley, Catherine has a fundamental and working knowledge of the heavy equipment and utilities we must work to integrate into our clients BMS. She closely examines the clients/buildings needs to come up with and finalize an effective solution that will greatly improve the environmental conditions. We completely trust her ability to come up with said energy conscious solutions and with the appropriate resources and opportunities here at TEC she will be able to continue to grow.

What do you find most interesting about this industry?
I find that the technology involved in the making or restoring of facilities is always evolving and as an engineer, you have to evolve with it. Learning what new ideas and technology that help facilitate these ideas are fascinating and being able to implement these ideas is by far the favorite part of my job.
HVAC / Building Controls
Engineering Fundamentals
Define Scope of Projects