Kelly Torrance

Graphics Engineer

Since 2006, Kelly has been developing unique client graphics for many different projects we take on. Prior to TEC, Kelly was an engineering technician for an automotive plant in Michigan. Kelly is our self-taught expert, with a range of experience that includes panel building, robotics systems commissioning, and SBC programming. Because of his highly influential skillset Kelly has the ability to create user interface screens that capture our clients greatest expectations that are simply understandable and easy to use. This kind of work that we provide to our clients stem from the trust that we manage long after projects are completed because we leave them with a system that caters to comfort, security, and helps to regulate the facilities expenditure. Kelly’s experience with AutoMatrix, Rockwell, GE, and Honeywell systems has helped us improve and resonate our graphics in such a way that they tie-in a facilities entirety, while forming alarms, trends, and successful BTU metering.

How do our services benefit our clients?
Face-to-face, we are conveniently located in NYC where 99% of our work takes place. We don’t sub out any work we don’t have to and take priority in meeting with our clients and visiting the facility to fully grasp what it is we have in front of us. Our clients know they can whole heartily trust us with their projects and concerns. We establish many phases through the different departments that help to acquire our standpoint on the overall progress of work.
Customizing Client implementations
Industrial BMS Workstations
Sophisticated Design Creations